VIDEO- SHULMAN'S TEL AVIV-  Ben-Ami Shulman's son/architect Uzi considers the possible reasons that his father did not discuss his 1930's Tel Aviv work with him + points of view on the fate of this architecture.

"3 MAPU ST. (1935) - The way monumentality is introduced into this simple block of flats is illuminating, in that it shows that monumentality is not only a matter of size. The feat is achieved by a series of extreme decisions. Firstly the walls are treated as separate planes + surfaces. They do not support anything. They look like the sides of a box, weightless; in principle they could be opened or dismantled at will. Secondly, the strip windows cut into the walls are also extensions of the balustrades. Furthermore, the wall extends down to act like a brise-soleil. Then the volume is cut + broken in two, one part raised half a story... The composition is cubist + precise...."   - Nathan Alterman  Dwelling On The Dunes- Tel Aviv Modern Movement + Bauhaus Ideals                           
  •  3 MAPU ST. was renovated in 2012 by architect/conservation specialist Naor Mimar.