TEL AVIV/L.A. STYLISTIC CONNECTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The stylistic relationship between these 2 Shulman buildings designed 42 years apart from one another, 8 Dov Hoz, Tel Aviv 1937 + 658 Wilton Place, L.A.1979 can be seen in several elements of the facade composition:

- RIGHT SIDE-  The pattern of 4 stacked horizontals -1 narrow on top of 3 wide/equal horizontals is realized as terraces in 1937 + as panels in1979 framing 3 story apartment buildings. Both arrangements reveal views of the windows.

- LEFT OF CENTER-  1937- The vertical band window extends above the height of the building creating an open vertical space met with a vertical element that creates a rectangular view of the sky.  The window vertical runs down to the front doorway.  1979- The vertical arrangement of panels extends the height of the building forming an open horizontal rectangular view of the sky. The verticals continue down to street level framing the doorway. 

-LEFT SIDE-  Terraces frame the windows- 1937- following the building corner.  1979- emphasize the rectangular facade of this building.